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Thankful for Volunteers

Thankful for Volunteers

Thankful for Volunteers!

Last night (11-25-19) CASA of Hill County held our "Celebrate CASA" Dinner with our volunteers and board members, CASAs in training and potential volunteers. 

Our program relies on volunteers!  I am so thankful to have trained community volunteers dedicated to be the voice for children in foster care in Hill, Chouteau and Liberty Counties.

Volunteers are needed to become trained Court Appointed Special Advocates.  You can apply online or contact the office and I'll get you an application.   There are many ways to get started. 

Thankful for our volunteers who share our mission with others every day. 

We celebrate 2019 with successes:

        Served 52 children so far...

        13 Active CASA volunteers, serving 30 children

        5 Board Members who are trained as CASAs.

        Re-Activating previous CASA volunteers.

        2 students getting ready to start the CASA guided learning class which is a new independent study course thru National CASA.

We have logged…..

        Over 597 CASE HOURS in 2019 so far.  

        Over 260 In-service training hours from CASAs and 167 Pre-Service Training Hours for new Advocate Trainees. 

Thank you to our CASA Team!  I am so proud to be your director!

Chamene Plum, Executive Director

Our Sponsors and Partners

  • Early Childhood Investment Team
    Early Childhood Investment Team

    The Hill County Early Childhood Investment Team's purpose is to invest in and support early childhood needs in our community.

    We will
    • Support families to raise healthy productive children.
    • Reduce risk indicators and increase positive outcomes for children.
    • Increase stronger sense of community among residents.

  • Foster Closet
    Foster Closet

    The Foster Closet  (Hill County)


    Program to help licensed foster families with the necessities and comfort items of a new placement.

    Call Amanda at 399-3309 when you need a Sacs4Kids made for your kiddos!

    Thank you to our Gives Champions (top supporters and business partners)

    ~HRDC (Location)

    ~CASA of Hill County (Chamene)

    ~Helping Haven (Jill)


    Check Out The Foster Closet Facebook Group