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CASA of Hill County - Montana -- Serving Hill, Chouteau and Liberty Counties.   

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Who We Are

What is CASA?

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate.  A CASA is a specially trained community volunteer who is appointed by a judge to be the investigative body for the Court and the voice of an abused or neglected child. The CASA works for the best interest of the child by advocating for a safe, permanent home for the child as quickly as possible, while also advocating for the child’s health, safety, and educational needs. Each CASA commits to being a consistent and reliable figure in the child’s life and helps guide the child through the court process. The CASA ensures the child will not get lost in the legal and child protection systems. The CASA assists the Court in making decisions regarding a safe and permanent home for the child, whether that is reunification with their family or an alternative option, such as kinship care or adoption.

CASA of Hill County is located in Havre, Montana and serves the 12th Judicial District Court that includes Hill, Chouteau and Liberty Counties.

Our Mission

To recruit and educate dedicated volunteers to become Court Appointed Special Advocates who passionately work for the best interest of every child we serve.

Our Vision

We look forward to the day when every child is safe, cared for, and loved. 

Our Sponsors and Partners

  • The Foster Closet, Havre, Montana
    Amanda Christofferson, Director

  • Early Childhood Investment Team
    Early Childhood Investment Team

    The Hill County Early Childhood Investment Team's purpose is to invest in and support early childhood needs in our community.

    We will
    • Support families to raise healthy productive children.
    • Reduce risk indicators and increase positive outcomes for children.
    • Increase stronger sense of community among residents.